Splitboard Clinic

Splitboard can be a very effective tool to access backcountry for snowboarders. But you need to learn how to use them in a right way otherwise it would become just a hard tool to use. There are some tips that you want to know before starting to splitboard.


  • Private (1 person): ¥21,000/person
  • Semi-Private (2 people): ¥17,000/person
  • Regular (3 or more people): ¥12,000/person

*Book from this website and get a special discount!
*Includes guiding fee, insurance, and sales tax. Bus fare and lift fare not included.
*The tour is also available in Hakuba and Myoko area with the Destination Backcountry Tour rate.

Detail information

・Registration (8:00AM)
 ・ Setting up splitboards (8:10AM)
・Learn to splitboard in the ski resort (9:00AM)
・Backcountry tour (11:00AM)
・Return from the backcountry field (3:00-4:30PM)

Required Equipment
Backcountry tours are intensive, so we require each guest to have the following equipment: Splitboard set, ski crampon for splitboard, splitboard skins, backpack, avalanche beacon, probe, shovel, adjustable ski poles, water bottle, food, snacks,snowboard jacket and pants, extra goggles, extra gloves, and extra insulation jacket.

Rental Equipment
We offer backcountry rental equipment including avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels, etc. Click here for more information.

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