Backcountry Equipment Rental

Having your own backcountry gear and being able to use it is very important for going into backcountry. We provide rental gear to try out for beginners backcountry participants.

*All avalanche equipment (beacon, probe, and shovel) are only available to rent for those who participate in a NORTHSTAR tour. Without proper understanding, this equipment is useless and will not protect you in an emergency.


Snowboard Set : ¥5,500/day
*Includes avalanche beacon, probe, shovel, snowshoes, and ski poles.

Avalanche Gear Set : ¥3,000/day
*Includes avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel.

Backpack : ¥1,500/day

Avalanche Beacon : ¥2,000/day

Probe : ¥700/day

Snowshoes : ¥2,500/day

Shovel : ¥700/day

Hiking Poles : ¥700/day

*All prices are listed after sales tax.

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