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Spring Park day 3

Spring Park day 3



[en]It was another awesome day with great weather for park riding! And tons of riders came again and had fun together.

We still got lots of snow up here on the mountain so let’s finished the season together and have fun![/en]

Spring Park Day 2

Spring Park Day 2




[en]The 2nd day in the Spring Park was great! The weather was perfect with another blue bird and more riders came today, so we were having awesome sessions together with guests!

We are going to opening Spring Park until the 5th, so please come and enjoy the last riding of the season with us![/en]

First Day of Spring Park

First Day of Spring Park


[en]It was first day of Spring Park and the weather was perfect! We got a rope tow from this season, so everyone was taking lots of laps without the hike up!

It supposed to be super nice wether during Golden week So please come and hang out with us!![/en]

Spring Park Building Day 4

Spring Park Building Day 4




[en]Today was the last day of building for the spring park at the top of the mountain. Today we were working on the straight box that we could not get in yesterday and also last shaping of all the items.

Spring park will open tomorrow at 9:30!! We can’t wait to snowboard with all of you!!


Spring Park Building Day 3

[en]Hello everyone. Today We put in two more new items, a straight rail and straight box. They look really good and fun to hit.

See you all in 2days!![/en]



Spring Park Building Day 2

Spring Park Building Day 2






[en]Our digger staff went up to the Spring Park which is located at the bottom of the Kamoshika Lift in front of the Sanbondaki Restaurant to start shaping and setting items for the spring park. Today our staff got some of the items installed including the butter box, the 10m box and they got the kicker shaped. We hope you will come ride with us during Golden Week. Please check back again tomorrow for another update.[/en]




[en]Though it may be turning March, it’s not spring just yet in Norikura. Although the plums are just blossoming down the mountain from Norikura Kogen, the ski hill is still up and running. The ski lifts will tentatively be open for one more month. Which means if you still haven’t pulled your skis or snowboard out of the closet yet this season – it’s about time! Hurry up and plan your end of winter trip to the mountain for some fun in the snow.

Rooms and Learn To Ride snowboard lessons from NORTHSTAR have limited availability, so please write or call us as soon as possible to make a reservation. NORTHSTAR’s end of season Thank You Camp could be a perfect opportunity to take your last run on the slopes. This camp special will only be available from March 28-29 and will include a FREE activity, one night of lodging, and two meals for ¥7800 per person. Please see our LTR page for more info on prices for lessons, our Events page for more upcoming activities and camps, or our Spring Backcountry page for the next season of fun here with NORTHSTAR outdoor adventures.[/en]

More Park Construction

More Park Construction

[jp]昨日木曜日は天気も良く、ノーススターのパークスタッフとスキー場のピステンドライバーが協力してメインキッカーの整備を行いました。先週から整備をしていますが、度重なる悪天候でなかなかオープンに漕ぎ着けられません。今は雪になりましたが、今朝も雨が降っていました・・・ このメインキッカーの形は落差が少なく、転倒した場合でも衝撃が少なくなるようにデザインされています。今週末オープンできたら、是非楽しんで下さい。[/jp][en]On Thursday here in Norikura at the snow park on the mountain, our park crew working alongside the mountain crew have continued construction of a nice kicker. We have been working to clean it up a bit and create a gap for some nice air time. When we’re finished, it should look pretty nice. Hope to see you around up mountain hitting the park. Enjoy yourself and have a safe ride.[/en]




Let it Snow!!




[en]We got a blessing of snow this afternoon!

After a day in the ski resort, friends and staff enjoyed the NORTHSTAR snow park while the snow was falling.

There will be powder tomorrow!![/en]

New NORTHSTAR Original Products

[jp]ノーススターオリジナルグッズの新製品が入荷しています。カラー、サイズとも限りがあります。気になる商品がある方はお早めに。[/jp][en]We have some great new products in our shop.[/en]

乗鞍高原温泉スキー場スノーパークオープン • The Norikura Park Opens


Last week the terrain park opened for the 09 season. The park is a little different than last year in that it will be run with the support of NORTHSTAR’s volunteer staff and other local volunteers from the area. We are really excited about working together with the ski resort to provide all the guests who ride here with a great park. It will be a bit scaled down but we are sure you will enjoy the rails and boxes. 



Opening Day at Norikura

[jp]先週末は乗鞍高原温泉スキー場のオープンでした。スタッフは久しぶりの雪を楽しみました。今シーズンは例年になく良い雪で、コースもいつもより多くオープンしています。コース脇にはちょっとしたパウダーが残ってました。[/jp][en]Today was the opening day for 2008/2009 Snowboard and Ski season here at the Norikura Onsen Ski Resort. We had a good time riding together and there was some amazing snow conditions for so early in the season. There was blue sky and if you went by the trees you could still find some hidden powder.[/en]