[jp]夏スタッフ紹介:Troy V
トロイはカナダ出身のマウンテンバイカー。現在は妻マルティナとともにスウェーデン在住。ただの上手いライダーではなく、正式な資格を持ったガイド/インストラクターでもある。ノーススターのバイクプログラムを建て上げた張本人であり、今回も主にガイドの講習とトレーニングのために来日。[/jp] [en]We are happy to welcome Troy V to NORTHSTAR, as Mt. Bike staff. Troy is from Canada originally but now lives in Sweden with his wife Martina who is also an avid Mt. Biker. We are stoked to have him here to help build new trails and maintain our old ones. Troy has been Mt. biking for many years and recently he has been building trails in Norway for a Ski Resort.[/en]