[en]During the winter, it’s a little cold to be climbing outside.
Since we have our own indoor wall in the front lobby, we can boulder, top rope, as well as sport climb.
Recently, we have been practicing sport climbing to get in shape for the spring when we can venture outside to places like the sport routes in the nearby village of Shirahone.[/en]

The climbing/bouldering wall at Halenoa Lodge.


[en]Since we are practicing lead climbing, we climb as if we were top-roping.
We are belayed on a top-rope, but we also wear another rope as if we were lead climbing.
We can safely climb because of the top-rope, but we can practice clipping in with quickdraws and the secondary rope ‘as if’ we were truly lead climbing.
This is one way to begin learning how to lead climb and venture into the world of sport and traditional climbing![/en]

クイックドロー / Quickdraw