そしていよいよ今週末はSFC Japanレイルジャムが行われます。受付は午後4時から、第1ヒートは午後5時スタートです。エントリーフィーは夕食込みの¥1,500。夕食のみ(¥500)での観戦も大歓迎! しかも今年は地元のDJがサラをまわしてくれます。是非ぜひ遊びに来て下さい。[/jp][en]Every Saturday we open the NORTHSTAR park to anyone who want’s to come and ride with us from 4:00-5:30PM. We have 3 main features including a straight rail, flat down box and a 6m flat box. We had about 20 people riding yesterday and I even met a few people from Wakayama which is really far from here.

Also don’t forget that this Saturday will be the annual SFC japan Rail Comp here in the NORTHSTAR park. Registration starts from 4pm and the 1st heat will start from 5pm. The entry fee is 1,500 yen which includes dinner. Dinner only costs 500 yen. This year we will also have a local DJ spinning for us during the comp. Please come and enjoy the party.  [/en]