この企画は今回が初めてでしたが、スノーボード+αは海外のサマーキャンプでは定番のスタイル、これからもノーススターならではの様々なキャンプを提案していきます。[/jp][en]This last week we had a great time with the Kirara Kamp here at NORTHSTAR. We had 2 sessions of 3 days with 5 days of park riding at Noirkura Spring Park. Plus we had mountain biking, Tyrollean Traverse, Rock Climbing and some other fun activities. Some kids could barely clear the kicker on the first day but they we sticking nice 180’s by the end of the camp. it was so great to see these kids’ grow and learn.

This was our first “snowboarding + alpha” camp. It is a pretty standard style for camps overseas and we hope to offer this style of kids camp more.[/en]