[en]This morning I woke to a crisp cool Fall morning here in Norikura Kogen. I didn’t know we had gotten any snow as my home is hidden from the mountain. As I walked to work Dan came out on the front steps with a huge smile on his face and was just looking behind me and saying “isn’t that great”. I was just wondering what he was talking about and then I turned around to see Norikura with a fresh layer of snow on it.

Having fresh snow on the mountain gets all of us excited about the winter season coming. Especially this year as the Norikura Kogen Onsen Ski Resort is planning to run from December 5th as long as they have enough snow. And this year it’s looking like we could get an early start.

Better get your gear out and get it waxed up![/en][jp]今朝の乗鞍はかなりヒヤッとする空気に包まれて、そのせいで目が覚めたくらいの冷え込み。自分の家からだと乗鞍の姿は見ることができないが、ノーススターに向かっていくとDanがビッグスマイルで「Isn’t it great?」と聞いて来た。何を言っているのか分からなかったけど、振り向くと真っ白に雪化粧をした乗鞍岳が。