[en]It’s been snowing for the whole day today. We are excited  to have a great powder day tommorow. Are you getting a new board this season? Here is our new sticker line up.[/en]


[jp]まずは定番のNORTHSTAR のダイカット!今年は定番の他にオレンジ、赤、ミントグリーンの新色も加わり、サイズも三種類に。スノーボードからパソコン、自転車、携帯やウォーターボトルにまで幅広く使えるサイズをご用意しました。

NORTHSTAR ステッカー L 40センチ  ¥600- (オレンジはありません)

NORTHSTAR ステッカー M   20センチ  ¥400-

NORTHSTAR ステッカー S    10センチ  ¥300-[/jp]

[en]These are NORTHSTAR die cut stickers! We have new colors in Orange, Red and Mint Green. Also in three different sizes. You can put them on your snowboard, bike, Mac or PC, water bottle and cell phone.

NORTHSTAR die cut sticker  L 40cm ¥600

NORTHSTAR die cut sticker  M 20cm ¥400

NORTHSTAR die cut sticker  S 10cm ¥300[/en]


[jp]N☆ロゴステッカー! かねてから要望をいただいたN☆のロゴステッカーです!サイズは7センチ×10センチ。カラーは5色。


[en] These are the N* Logo Stickers! We got many requests and finally made these. Sizes are 7 cm high, 10 cm wide in five colors.




[en]These are the sticker sets. The set includes two M size die cut stickers and four S size die cuts. It also includes five N* logo stickers. You can use them by yourself or even share with your friends. Comes in Black or White.

1 Sheet ¥2000-[/en]


[jp]ステッカーを貼ったらあとは山に行くだけ!冬のシーズン、皆様のお越しをお待ちしています。[/jp][en]Once you put a sticker on your board you are ready to go . We are looking forward to see you on the mountain!![/en]