[jp]Teens Stayが一昨日終了。参加者は最高の5日間を過ごしました。キッズと滑るのは楽しいし、彼らの間に生まれる友情とかパワーとかを見るのも嬉しいものです。まさに“KIDS ROCK!” 彼らはいわゆる『次世代』、全く新しいトリックに挑戦して行くのも彼らです。


Keep riding! Keep living fully!  – Dan[/jp][en]Northstar just finished “Teens Stay” and they had a blast!  It is so fun riding with kids and to see the joy of friendship, joy of riding!  Kids Rock!  In fact, they are the next generation!  They are going to be the ones trying the new big trick.  During  the GOLDEN WEEK, we will open the Spring Park, you will get to see kid riders, awesome riders, and local riders .. you will get to see the next generation.

Keep riding! Keep living fully!  – Dan[/en]