[en]We had been talking about wanting to build a real bunny hop high jump kit last season but never got around to building it. So the other day Seiya and I went down to the home center and got some parts. We used 2 15cm cement block and 2 1m long fence poles. We then cut the fence poles to fit into the cement blocks and drilled holes for dowel to go up the poles ever 5cm for the hight bar to rest on. As you can see in the photos and the video it’s pretty easy to use and if you hit it the bar just fall off and nothing breaks. Yesterday was the first test and all went well. I was able to clear the 60cm mark once and Seiya got up to the 40cm mark.

Next time you visit NORTHSTAR you can give it a try and see how high you can bunny hop. Thanks for reading.[/en]