This last weekend Dan, Ken and I went to the first annual national JAMGA (Japan Mountain Bike Guide Association) event. The event was a huge success with about 30 guides from all over Japan guiding and riding with over 100 Mt. Bikers. Saturday night the guides spent time hanging out and discussing the MTB community and how we can serve guests better and then on Sunday we guided many bikers from first timers to experienced riders. The bike park at Fumotoppara which is at the base of Mt. Fuji and the trails in that area are great and the weather was also amazing. Here are a few photos that I took on that day. We are looking forward to riding with you again here in Norikura this year. Please check out event’s page for more info about upcoming events.


[jp]コナジャパンのヤッチャンと日本に上陸したばかりのマジックリンク搭載のトレイルバイク、”Abra Catabra”。マジックリンクのおかげで登りもスイスイ。下りもトレイルに吸い付くように走ります。軽量ながらもコナらしいしっかりとした作り。150mmのストロークのサスペンションとジオメトリーも走るだけでなく“遊べる”、日本のトレイルにピッタリのバイクです。[/jp][en]The picture below is with Yacchyan from Kona Japan and Abra Catabra. This bike comes with Magic Link and it provides great climb it runs like sticking on down hill trails. Light but Kona like strong frame. 150mm suspension and the geometry give you not only great riding but also “play-ablility”. It would be the best bike for Japanese Trails. [/en]