一般男子1位 福本学 2位  福原英雄 3位 大月克也

一般女子1位 山本薫子2位 小野崎海琳3位 高柳理恵

ユース男子1位 小野崎海斗 2位 脇田壮希 3位 坂下空良

ユース女子1位 小野崎海琳

キッズ男子1位 梅原颯太 男子2位 脇田朋基 男子3位 小幡セナ


[en]Spring Park is over now! That means our winter season is finally over! We really appreciate all the guests who came here during the GoldenWeek. All of our staff enjoyed snowboarding with guests in the awesome weather we had.

We will do our best to make next winter’s park even more fun and create an even better ‘aloha’, welcomed feeling for all of you! Please look forward to see what’s going to happen!

Sanzocook Jam Results

Men’s 1st Gaku Hukumoto 2nd Hukuhara Hideo 3rd Katsuya Otsuki

Women’s 1st Kaoruko Yamamoto 2nd Karin Onozaki 3rd Rie Takayamagi

Youth Men’s 1st Kaito Onozaki 2nd Masaki Wakita 3rd Sora Sakasita

Kid’s 1st Souta Umehara 2nd Tomoki Wakita 3rd Sena Obata   [/en]