And we are looking at another day of rain today. I don’t want to sound like I don’t like rain, todays sunrise was nice. We are riding with Cycle Sports magazine to work on a feature for this months issue and it seems like the magazine shooting is holding the rain off.

Last night we did a little photo shoot at dinner and then some climbing on our climbing wall. Today we are working our way down the mountain shooting some scenic MTB photos and checking out other nice places in Norikura, like Zengoro falls.



Lunch was at Pension Winds where we got to make our own pizza and bake it in a real stone oven.

Fresh baked pizza is so good! We can take reservations of up to 10 people at a time to do pizza making for lunch during your MTB tour.

The magazine photographer seemed like he was only taking photos of the pizza. He had to rush to make his own lunch at the end.

The photos from today will be in the #9 issue of Cycle Sports magazine that comes out this month.