Norikura is starting to thaw out from a long winter and we are slowly starting to see some warm weather. Starting from Golden Week, we are inviting you to enjoy Norikura from the comfort of the New NORTHSTAR Alpine Lodge.

Golden Week starts at the end of April and is the one of the best seasons to play around Norikura. The ski resort will be closed but the shuttle bus to Kuraigahara Mountain Hut (2,350m) will be running and you can enjoy genuine spring backcountry skiing/snowboarding and the amazing snow walls towering above you. In the valley, the snow will be gone and the trails will be showing so that you can enjoy mountain biking and trail running.   Also, it is the season for beautiful spring foliage, flowers, and the unique skunk cabbage. Come, hike and feel the warm spring breeze.

To enjoy the spring we offer a Special Package for during Golden Week (April 28th to May 6th). Enjoy Norikura Spring with this plan.

Lodging Prices: 1 night with 2 meals

  • Adult: ¥7,800
  • Elementary Students: ¥6,800
  • Kids: ¥3,800
  • Under 3: ¥0

We are looking forward to serving you at our new lodge.


Featured Tourist Spots in Spring

Norikura Kogen • Ichinose-Enchi

20 minutes walk from NORTHSTAR. You can see beautiful skunk cabbage at Dojo Pond and Maime Pond.

Mt. Norikrua • Kuraigahara Hutte

Not only for backcountry, 45 minutes bus ride will take you there. Hike around the mountain hut with snowshoes.

Kamikochi • Taisho Pond – Kappa Bridge  – Myojin Pond

45 Minutes bus ride from Norikura Kogen. As you hike along Azusa River, you will be impressed with snow coverd Hodaka Range.