kamikochi and Mt. Norikura guiding

If you are planning a trip to Norikura, why not go little further with a Kamikochi trekking tour?  The “negative ions” in the air, emitted from the trees, will refresh and relax you as you walk along the beautiful Azusa River.


Spot-billed dock floating on Taisho lake with Mt.Yakedake in background.

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We also offer guided hiking on Mt. Norikura.  This is one of the easiest 3,000m(~10,000ft) class mountains to hike in Japan. Everyone from beginners to experienced hikers can enjoy the guided tour up to the top of Mt. Norikura. If it’s a clear day you will be able to see the whole panorama of the northern, central, and southern Japanese Alps.


Mt. Norikura, Mt. Hudou, and the alpine meadow

We hope you will be refreshed in the beautiful nature that Kamikochi and Mt. Norikura have to offer. Click here for more details on Hiking Guide.