Come to NORTHSTAR for a MTB tour in beautiful Norikura! From first-timers to advanced riders, we can provide the guiding you need.

Our MTB Tours have earned a solid reputation over the years and we are looking forward to serving you all again this summer/fall! The geology of Norikura Kogen has made this place one of the best in Japan for mountain biking. We have variety of trails, looping and descending through beautiful white birch forests and alpine vegetation. Come ride with us!

If you are a first-timer or beginner level rider, we recommend joining our MTB 101 Lesson. We will take you through a basic MTB lesson and then head out on some of our local trails. Click here for more info.

For intermediate to advanced lever riders, we recommend our MTB Guide Tour. We will do a quick skill check and then head out on our trails for a ride. You can reserve a tour/lodging package if you’d like.

At NORTHSTAR, all of our guides are certificated guide by IMBA ICP (International Mountain Bicycling Association Instructor Certificate Program) and Wilderness First Responder by Wilderness Alert Japan.

We look forward to riding with you!

*All MTB trails in Norikura Kogen except Igaya mountain bike course must be accompanied by a qualified MTB guide.