Norikura skylight marathon performed at the altitude of Japan. At North Star, a 2-minute walk from the start, I will support everyone in the runner with a special accommodation pack.

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The 14th this year. A marathon runner running through snowy walls and running the road with the highest altitude in Japan is unique to the sky marathon. North Star, a 2 minute walk to the starting point, prepared an accommodation pack for runners. For dinner with a special menu to support conditions for runners. Breakfast is scheduled for early morning according to the start time. You can use facilities such as shower freely after the competition.

Majestic sky marathon running back to Norikura-dake

Close to Daisetsugi turnaround

Norikura sky marathon lodging pack

¥ 8,400 (excluding tax)> Reserve

  • Includes: 1 night / 2 meals, facility fee after race
  • The above price is tax excl. Sharing by gender or by group for 3 or more people when using group.
  • Check-out time is early, so please prepay in full at the time of reservation.

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The moment of the winner of 2018 goal!