For guests using the “Go To Travel Campaign”

We appreciate your cooperation and participation in the Go To Travel Campaign which will help everyone enjoy a great getaway.
The Go To Travel Campaign promotes and establishes a new way of traveling based on the “new lifestyle” for the age of Corona. Please check the following contents and travel safely and securely.
Persons who do not read and agree to or who do not cooperate with these terms and conditions will not be eligible for participation in the Go To Travel Campaign. Furthermore, those participants who are found to give fraudulent information or refuse to cooperate could be fined.
Citizens of high-risk areas may not be eligible to use the Go To Travel Campaign. Please contact us directly if you think you might live in an excluded prefecture. 0263-93-1688.

How to book with Go To Travel Campaign

  1. Choose the date and plan from our reservation page
  2. Read the following Terms and Conditions
    • When traveling, you agree to check your body temperature with a thermometer every morning, and if you have a fever or cold-like symptoms, follow the instructions from the public health center. Also, if you are using a smartphone, please use the contact confirmation app.
    • When traveling, you agree to follow “new travel etiquette” by refraining from making loud calls and by avoiding crowded places and shared or multi-function spaces in facilities
    • Facilities participating in the Go To Travel Campaign will monitor guest’s body temperature at check-in and each morning of your stay, take thorough measures to prevent congestion at bathhouses and restaurants, and avoid congestion at meals at lodging facilities.
    • In addition, identity verification will be carried out for all participants, including children, so please bring your license or other documents (*See attached sheet in PDF). If you forget, please follow the instructions of the accommodation facility, such as sending copies at a later date. If the address used when making a reservation is found to have been fraudulent (i.e. the participants actual address is found to be from a on-participating prefecture) the Go To Travel discount will not be applied and the participants will be expected to pay full price for accommodations.
    • When traveling, ff you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher during temperature measurement, you agree to wait in the guest room or some other room specified by each facility while the facility contacts and asks the public health center for instructions. In such cases, you agree to follow the instructions of the employees of these accommodation facilities.
    • Because travel for young, elderly, or those who are vulnerable to illness, and travel with in large groups are generally considered to be at high risk, you agree to take caution while traveling, taking any and all reasonable steps that you can to prevent infection.
  3. Please return to the booking page and check the box saying “I have read and agree to terms and conditions”
  4. Enter coupon code: GOTOTRAVEL on the booking page.