NORTHSTAR loft is an apartment style condominium. At an altitude of 1500m you can relax and feel at home in the Norikura Highlands. Meals are not included but each condominium is equipped with a full kitchen. You can bringing your own food and groceries and cook whatever you like at your leisure. There are also some Restaurants where you can enjoy the local meals of Norikura.



  • Cafe Irodori  7:00 〜9:30 (3 minutes car ride from NORTHSTAR・irregular holidays)
  • gift Norikura  Open from 9:30 (Summer: Thursday holiday / Winter: Weekend only)


  • Cafe Maple (5 minutes walk from NORTHSTAR・irregular holidays・reservation recommended)
  • Cafe Restaurant Primavera(3 minutes walk from NORTHSTAR・Tuesday holiday)
  • Restaurant Abbey Road (5 minutes car ride from NORTHSTAR・Wednesday holiday)
  • Alumn (5 minutes walk from NORTHSTAR・Tuesday&Wednesday holiday)
  • Okamisan Shyokudo  (2 minutes car ride from NORTHSTAR・ Wednesday holiday / Green season only)

Grocery Shopping

There is a small grocery store in Norikura; it also serves as a souvenir shop and does not carry parishable foods. Each NORTHSTAR condominium is equipped with a full size 340L refrigerator and freezer in the room. We recommend grocery shopping in Matsumoto or Takayama before coming to Norikura.

You can also pre-order the necessary ingredients from an online supermarket and have it shipped to NORTHSTAR. Also use the online supermarket during your stay freely. (Shipping Address:  390-1513 Nagano Prefecture, Matsumoto City, Azumi 4306 Northstar. 発送先:〒390-1513 長野県松本市安曇4306ノーススター)