[jp]ノーススターでは一昨年よりロッキーマウンテンのFLOW RAWをレンタルMTBとして使用してきました。来年レンタルMTBの入れ替えを予定しているため、現在の車両は今シーズン限りとなります。多少の傷等はありますが、本場カナダで組み立てられたRMBバイクはしっかりとした作りで十分に使えます。これからマウンテンバイクを始めたいという方はぜひこの機会に手に入れてください。[/jp]

[en]We have been using Rocky Mountain Bicycles “FLOW RAW” as our rental bikes the last three season. Since we are planning to replace them with new bike, this fall is our last season to ride them. There are some dings and a few scratches but they are still great bikes. This is a great chance for someone who is looking to start mountain biking to get a great deal on a real Canada built Mountain Bike.[/en]


Rocky Mountain Bicycles Flow Raw 07′  >>  ¥40,000~



[en]Size 15″ for 155cm tall and up
16.5″ for 165cm tall and up
18″ for 175cm and up

*The retail was ¥123,900. The price will be adjusted based on the condition of each bike. The bikes are maintained by our bike staff and are in good running order. But we also recommend that you bring it to a pro bike shop to have it check out. We can hold a bike for you if your interested and then ship it to you be the end of October. Shipping will be about 3000 yen.[/en]