Northstar01 262[jp]久しぶりのブログで済みません。9月は忙しかったです。その分ゲストの皆様には良い天気、良いコンディションで乗鞍を楽しんで頂けたかと思います。乗鞍は紅葉もそろそろ見頃で、秋の紅葉MTBライドにはベストなシーズンとなってきました。落ち葉を散らしながらラインをとるのは最高です!







[en]We are so sorry for that we have not posted anything for a while. We have been doing busy though we have had lots of guests enjoyed good weather and good condition of Norikura. Colors of leaves are turning prettiest time and it would be a best season for MTB riding.

To tell the truth we had a full house group guest for this coming weekend but due to influenza, they needed to cancel. Then we offer following MTB tours. It is so sudden though the tour comes with the Hida Beef BBQ. Don’t miss this special offer!.

Fall MTB Ride

Tour A: From 9:30AM on Sat. Oct 10th to 12:00PM on Sun. Oct 11th.
Tour B: From 1:30PM on Sun Oct 11th to 3:30PM on Mon. Oct 12th

Fee: ¥17,000 (incl: 1.5 days of guiding, 1 night lodging with 2 meals, Hida-Beef BBQ)
Group Size: Up to 20 people.

Reservation: Please visit our Reservation Page
Contact: E-mail or Phone (0263.93.1688)

*Also the following weekend (Oct 17th to 18th) is available for 8 people. Please contact us. [/en]