High elevation mountains like Norikura starts to have stable weather from March. And its great time of the year for Backcountry Tours. Many of our guests have the best time riding in the spring.

This January and February, we had lots of snow because of the cold air and the low pressure over the southern coast. We will have stable weather from March. The ski resort’s condition will start showing signs of Spring, but high elevation Norikura will still have lots of snow.


Panoramic view from the top of  Mt.Norikura

If the sky is clear you will be able to ride with Hotaka mountain range behind you. And if you are lucky you can see Raicho.


Riding with Mt.Hotaka in the back

Last season we did a custom tours based at Kuraigahara Sanso. I live at 1,500m but when I see the stars from 2,350m I am very impressed. Also, the next morning sunrise was indescribable.


Sunrise from Kuraigahara Sanso

I hope you can experience “HIGHER” on Mt. Norikura this season. Of course this is not just for experienced riders, we also have Beginner Backcountry tours for ladies and individuals. Come ride with us.


Riding down to Norikura Kogen

We have BURTON Family Tree demo boards. Please try them in the backcountry this spring.