We are finally thawing out in Norikura and getting ready to enjoy the beautiful spring season. Come enjoy Golden Week with us in Norikura.


Although we have still been getting snow on the mountain Norikura Kogen has thawed out and we are ready to enjoy the beautiful colors of spring.

First off is time to start Spring Backcountry Tours. Spring is a great time to enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the backcountry and with the bus running up to 2,300m you can enjoy several long decants in a day.

Next up is our MTB Guided Tours. We will be running MTB tours from NORTHSTAR down and offering some short sessions to brush up on your MTB Skills.

We also will be running our Fun Ride tours that are great for kids and families who are not quite ready for a full MTB tour. Kids (elementary school and up), families and adults can enjoy a fun ride out to the Skunk Cabbage area in Norikura.

We are looking forward to seeing you during Golden Week in Norikura.