One of NORTHSTAR Outdoor Adventure’s recommendations for winter is snowboarding. We offer snowboard lessons at Mt. Norikura Snow Resort for beginners all the way up to advanced riders.

When you hear the word “snowboard lesson” you might imagine it’s for beginners. And of course we offer lessons to support beginners and new riders. We offer BURTON LTR lessons as a small group lesson (5 people max) to get first time snowboarders up and having fun from day 1. We set the pace for riders and help them really feel the snow and get the basic mechanics of snowboarding down fast. If you take a 120min private lesson, you might be able to turn within that lesson.

Kids lesson : Great progress in a 1 on 1 lesson.

We also offer Kids Lessons for 1st to 3rd grade. We are always amazed by how fast kids can progress.  Our kids lessons are only offered as private lessons to help kids safely learn to enjoy snowboarding. Our goal for every kids lesson is for them to be able to turn and safely ride by them selves but the most important thing is that they have fun.

And for riders who can already ride but want to push themselves to a higher level, we offer Step Up Lessons. We recommend this lesson for the rider who can make turns but can’t ride smooth in steep or rough terrain. With 120min lesson we will work on correcting your riding position, your line of sight and how to “read the snow”. And you’ll be surprised how smooth you can ride after that.

There are tips to ride powder and natural terrain.

We recommend our Freeride Lessons for anybody who wants to eventually try backcountry riding. And also for anyone who wants to ride smoother in natural terrain. You can have a lesson that focus on riding in powder and natural terrain of Mt. Norikura. Have a few lessons for this season and let’s get ready for Spring Backcountry.

Private Lessons
You can have your own customized lesson to match your level and physical ability and goals this season. It’s easy to see your progress as we keep a file of each riders progress and are happy to share it with you.

目指すは山全体で遊ぶ、こんなライディング? - Rider: Shin Biyajima
Let’s set a goal to be ride the entire mountain! - Rider: Shin Biyajima

Our biggest desire is for our guests to enjoy their snowriding life. Come and ride with us.