We had our second beautiful day of riding in Norikura with the M.D.S. shop. It really is great to see a full Norikura with lots of people enjoying the cool mountain air. This morning was 18˚c and clear. For some reason M.D.S. customers really like carbon. I have never seen so many carbon mountain bikes. First off is the Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon. The Blur is already a sweet ride and I am guessing it is twice as sweet in carbon.

M.D.S. sells a lot of Rocky Mountain Bicycles and one of the prettiest bikes done in carbon is the Element 70 MSL


And you can also get the Elementの50 MSL which is the same frame as the 70 in a different color and spec.

And next in line is the new Slayer 70. Although it’s not a carbon bike it’s very light and rides well on our trails in Norikura. Our staff Seth is riding a slightly older version of this and really likes it.

We saw a lot of carbon this weekend and a lot of people enjoying our trails, we are looking forward to serving you again.

Some guests will be going to ride with the Trail Cutter crew next week and other will I am sure be riding again in Norikura this summer. Whether you ride with us at NORTHSTAR or with Trail Cutter we hope you will enjoy your Nagano MTB Ride. Or if you looking to start your MTB life please check out our MTB101 program.