The last few days we have had some rain here in Norikura and actually we were suppose to have had a tour today but it was canceled due to the rain. It worked out good though as we all ended up going to do some trail maintenance on a trail that we are hoping to open up late this summer.

Have you ever heard of the DAKINE Builder’s Pack? Well it is only availible in the US and there is only 3 of them in Japan, we have 2 and Mashi from the Trail Cutter crew has 1. It is a bomber work pack that can carry everything you need to build a killer MTB trail from a chainsaw to nail pouch for long spikes for building bridges. Comes in really handy when doing trail work.

Todays maintenance was mainly clearing some fallen rocks and dirt from the trail. Overall the trail is in good condition but has not been maintained for many years so much of the bench cuts have been overgrown and filled with rocks.

Working people

We worked hard to move many rocks and branches.

We found a big centipede while we were working.

And Dan was thinking to eat a worm for a snack…

We are all happy to be working on trails like this together and are looking forward to when we can open it up for our guests.